Tooth Whitening Costs

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When initially considering a teeth whitening treatment, seeking professional solutions may seem unnecessary. Indeed, with the wide selection of take-home kits available at nearly every retail store, choosing to have your teeth whitened by a dentist may seem like an extravagance.

However, even a preliminary examination of the differences between professional and store-bought options is enough to reveal which one is most likely to produce the results you deserve.

Store-bought teeth whitening kits come with one-size-fits-all applicators. Even the boil-and-bite variety are often unable to conform perfectly to teeth and typically are not designed to cover every tooth in your mouth. Due to this design flaw, store-bought kits are unable to consistently whiten your teeth. More troubling, the poor design of store-bought application trays allows excess solution to leak, irritating sensitive oral tissue and increasing tooth sensitivity.

Professional Solutions

At first glance, professional teeth whitening may seem more expensive, but quality and length of results quickly prove this notion incorrect. In-office whitening can produce a significantly brighter smile in less than one hour and those results can last for months or even years with proper at-home care.

The professional take-home kits offered by our Houston cosmetic dentists come with personalized application trays that evenly whiten every tooth while reducing the risk of leaks. This can eliminate the risk of irritation of gums and cheeks, and can be very helpful in reducing tooth sensitivity.

When you choose to have your teeth whitened at Fantastic Smiles, you are making an investment in your smile. You are also choosing to have your treatment performed under the care of an experienced cosmetic dentist who can adjust your treatment to meet your specific needs. We would be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail during your initial consultation at our centrally located Houston office.

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