Root Canal

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Tooth infection can result in issues including chronic or acute pain,tooth death, and eventual tooth loss. When a tooth becomes infected the only way to prevent larger oral health issues is through the root canal procedure. Dr. Jean Morency are pleased to offer root canal treatment as part of our comprehensive general dentistry services.

Symptoms of an infected tooth often begin with a minor toothache, which may become more noticeable when biting or chewing. Increased tooth sensitivity, a swelling or reddening of the gums around a specific tooth, and changes in the color of a tooth are all possible as infection spreads. These issues should be brought to the attention of one of our Houston dentists as soon as they appear. Swift treatment is the best defense against prolonged discomfort and eventual tooth loss.

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The Root Canal Procedure

Dr. Morency utilize advanced root canal techniques to remove infection and bacteria from the inside of a tooth. Despite its reputation, root canal treatment is painless. However, if you are nervous or anxious about your treatment we would be happy to discuss how sedation dentistry may help put you at ease.

Depending on the extent of infection, your root canal treatment may require more than one visit to complete. This will be based on your specific needs and discussed with you in more detail during your treatment consultation.

Once your tooth has been properly treated, a dental crown will be placed to prevent future infection and preserve the strength of your bite. Your crown will be colored and shaped to fit flawlessly into your smile, enabling it to restore aesthetic beauty as well.

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