Porcelain Dental Crowns

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Porcelain dental crowns are used in a number of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry treatments. Our Houston dentists may use dental crowns to protect teeth that have:

Dental crowns are also commonly used as a tooth replacement option with dental bridges and dental implants.

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Placing Tooth Crowns

Tooth crowns are sometimes called “caps” because they are placed like a cap over the top of a weakened or damaged tooth. To place a dental crown, it may be necessary to remove a small amount of natural tooth enamel. This gives your crown sufficient space to fit over the tooth, restoring function and appearance to your smile.

When used as a replacement for missing teeth, porcelain crowns can be screwed onto dental implants or held in place by a bridge. How your tooth crown is secured will depend on which tooth replacement option is used to perfect your smile.

Why Use Porcelain for Crowns?

Porcelain is incredibly strong, naturally resistant to staining, and able to reflect light in the same manner as natural tooth enamel. Porcelain crowns can be shaded, shaped, and sized to fit perfectly into your smile, making them entirely unnoticeable even as they serve to enhance function and appearance.

Porcelain is easy to care for, requiring only that you maintain your regular tooth cleaning routine. Avoiding abrasive toothpaste and mouthwash that contains astringents may be necessary after having dental crowns placed, but these precautions should not impact your overall oral health routine.

Dr. Morency use the highest quality porcelain crowns for all restorative procedures. If you would like to learn more about porcelain crowns or need to schedule a tooth restoration appointment, please contact our experienced Houston dentist today.