Benefits of Dental Implants

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Dental implants are the only form of tooth replacement that address the issue of jaw shrinkage and collapse. This benefit alone makes dental implants the best solution for many of our patients.

When you lose a tooth, you also lose its root, which can have a profound impact on the structure of your jaw. The roots of teeth perform a number of functions, not the least of which is sending signals to your body that bone is needed to support a tooth. When the root is gone, those signals stop. When those signals stop, your body reabsorbs the minerals around the missing tooth, resulting in a loss of bone density and changing the structure and appearance of your jaw.

Most forms of tooth replacement sit on top of the gums to replace missing teeth, but they do not replace the tooth root. Only dental implants replace missing roots, allowing them to preserve the structure and integrity of your jaw.

The Most Reliable Solution

The placement of dental implants allows them to become a permanent part of your jaw and therefore a permanent form of tooth replacement. Placement in the jaw also allows dental implants to provide advantages such as:

  • Full restoration of bite tension
  • Complete renewal of strength
  • No risk of coming lose or falling out
  • Natural-looking restorations
  • Great ease of cleaning

As the most reliable form of tooth replacement, dental implants are often the first recommendation of our Houston cosmetic dentists. However, not everyone is a good dental implant candidate and alternatives such as dental bridges may be better suited for some smiles. This is best determined during your initial consultation with Dr. Morency and will be based on your specific needs.

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